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Running rigging

Transform, Adapt, Solution ...

One of the essential elements of rope is seamanship. The art and the way to work the rope, to make it more efficient, more resistant and to repair it. However, the right choice of the same string is just as important. Whether daily, coastal, offshore, cruises, races / cruises, races / regattas, it is essential to choose well for the long term and a good use of the sails. These are the services that we offer, to support you in these choices in order to optimize your navigation and therefore your ships, whatever it is.

Standing rigging

The standing rigging is the essential element of a sailboat, it is the stainless steel cables, steel, PBO, Carbon, Kevlar but also Dyneema, we offer you the possibility of evolving towards sustainable technologies ... We have chosen to start our activities, Dyneema and its various derivatives. In addition to quality work respecting the laws of elementary seamanship such as conical seam splices, we provide you with guarantees, both from us and our suppliers, a follow-up around the world thanks to our availability and an after-sales service. .

These cables are a weight gain (it is not only in racing that this interests the navigators), an optimization of the resistance and the life time of the cable.

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